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Bio-based casket for cats

Garden burial

Cats spend much of their time defending the territory of our gardens. This cat casket is designed for burial of your cat in your garden or at a pet cemetery.

Garden burial of small pets is allowed in many European countries but is sometimes limited to a weight of 10kg or by other criteria.

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The design is based on the classical shape of a sarcophagus but stylised as an angel, viewed from the back with its wings folded. The bioplastic is a glossy off-white colour. The dimensions of the casket are: 500 x 380 x 150 mm and the weight is 1350 grams.

Designed by A.J. Velthuizen 2011

Bioplastic casket viewed from side Bioplastic casket viewed from rear Bioplastic casket detail Bioplastic casket opened up Bioplastic casket viewed from top 3 cat casket prototypes 2 bioplastic caskets 2 cat caskets 1 Egyptian styled cat casket model
Garden Angel casket design


The Garden Angel caskets are made from natural, bio-based materials. The bioplastic is 100% biodegradable, but it can also be incinerated CO2 neutral. This particular bioplastic is made up of various biopolymers, lignin, cellulose, natural oils, resins, fibers and waxes. Its surface turns a glossy white, once vacuum formed. The interior of the tray is lined with non-woven hemp fiber.


Several designs have preceded the final version, including one with a flat base in order for the casket to be displayed upright in a shop.


An earlier version was an Egyptian inspired casket with a relief of a stylized cat, a foam model with a flat base as well.

Peat casket

This pet casket consists of a peat tray and a gelatine top. The design incorporated a flower bulb on top. This design was awarded with an Honorable mention at the ADCN Awards (Art Directors Club Netherlands) in 1995.

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Designed by A.J. Velthuizen 1994

Peat casket
Peat / gelatin casket
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